vScription VR Getting Started

Adding a Substitution

When dictating, you can have vScription VR return a different version of a phrase that you say, or use substitutions to correct the voice client if it regularly misunderstands a particular word or phrase each time you use it. You may also specify special capitalization, punctuation, or abbreviations.

To add a new substitution:

1. Click on the vScription icon at the top right hand corner of the web browser

2. Select Substitution

3. In the My Substitutions window, Click +Add

4. In the Spoken Form field, enter the Spoken Form (what you will say, or what the voice client thinks you are saying)

5. In the Written Form, enter the Written Form (what the voice client should type when you say the spoken form)

6. Click +Save

7. The word has been added as a substitution!

8. Test the new substitution by dictating the spoken form to make sure that it returns correctly in a transcript.

  • If the substitution returns correctly, you are done!
  • If not, try another combination of word(s) for the spoken form that may be easier for the voice client to recognize. If you continue to have trouble with your substitutions, contact your SayIt Administrator.


Tips for Making Substitutions

To make a substitution, you will need to specify a spoken form (what you will say) and a written form (what will be returned).

For example, a substitution could be:

  • An abbreviation – Configure a substitution to return the shortened form of a word, such as pymt (Written Form) when you say “payment” (Spoken Form)
  • An acronym – Configure a substitution to return first letters of words, such as CCI (Written Form) when you say “customer called in” (Spoken Form)
  • Special formatting – Configure a substitution to return EXAM: (Written Form) when you say “exam” (Spoken Form)
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Last updated on July 5, 2018
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