vScription VR Getting Started

Using Compatibility Mode

We have found that sometimes there are compatibility issues with some custom EMRs and vScription VR where the EMRs use custom documentation plugins and the extension is unable to use Chrome to transfer recognized text to the browser.

For these cases we have developed compatibility mode. This works by putting all recognized text to the vScription VoicePad instead of directly into the browser window. Once you are ready to transfer the text to the browser window, simply click the Transfer link which will close the VoicePad and copy all text to the clipboard. Then click in the area where you want the text and use your OS command to paste the text. Ctrl+V for Windows and Linux and Cmd+V for OS X.

The text remains in the VoicePad until you click Transfer. If you want to discard the text and close the window, click the compatibility icon on the sidebar to close the window and clear the text. We did this to ensure that users don’t accidentally clear the window and the text. You must then click the icon to re-enable compatibility mode if needed.

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Last updated on July 31, 2018
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