We are very proud to announce the first release of our new vScription VR Chrome Extension!

Medical Speech Recognition is not new. We’ve been selling it for almost 10 years and have sold hundreds of copies to hospitals and clinics throughout Canada however we have had clients running open source environments using Linux which we have not been able to find a practical medical voice recognition solution for them.

The vScription VR Chrome Extension has been tested using the most common open source platforms in OpenEMR and LibreEHR on OS X and Linux (Fedora Linux and Ubuntu Linux).

The initial release is pretty bare bones but includes the ability for front end voice recognition, substitutions, custom vocabularies and text shortcuts. Based on our experience, this is the bread and butter of what most physicians need to generate their medical documentation. We are currently planning on adding other features in the upcoming months based on user feedback and our vision. If you have any suggestions, please be sure to let us know.